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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Who's Endorsing Who and Who's Running Where?

Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson has endorsed Chris Bell in his race for Governor:

My name is Tommy Adkisson, and I serve on the Bexar County Commissioners Court in San Antonio. I am proud to endorse Chris Bell for Governor, not just because he's an exciting new leader for Texas, but because he and I share a special interest on an important issue: ethics reform.

Folks around here know of my longstanding support of doing the right thing and cleaning up government, but Chris Bell has something to teach us all when it comes to ethics reform. As an at-large City Councilman in Houston, he chaired the first Ethics Committee and helped pass landmark ethics reforms including closing the revolving door, closing soft money loopholes, and requiring lobbyists to register.


Chris Bell is committed to ending the culture of corruption that is preventing Texas from truly serving all Texans and having the leadership it deserves. Join us in this most worthy cause by supporting to Chris Bell. Then, let your friends know that we have a golden opportunity to usher in a new day in Texas with Chris Bell as our candidate for Governor!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is Bell's first major Bexar County endorsement. I had also heard some sort of rumor weeks ago that Adkisson might be looking into running statewide... Land or Railroad Commish, I don't know. Ah well, whoever does decide to take on Bell in the primary (has anyone of the multiple potential candidates finally gotten the guts, or enough 'grassroots support', to announce?) is going to have look at the other three Bexar County quadrants for votes now.

And after plenty of speculation, State Rep. Aaron Pena is blogging that State Rep. Carlos Uresti will be running against Frank Madla for his State Senate seat, opening up a State Representative seat in Bexar County and possibly triggering an open City Council seat. It'll be interesting to see how all of that shakes out.