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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Trail Mix

Some articles for you to read over the next few days:

  1. The Express-News has a write-up on the Dem State Chair Race. I think UT Poli Sci professor Bruce Buchanon hits the nail on the head when he says that some candidates see this as a way of gaining political access rather than already having an extensive network built up and using their access to be successful.
  2. Ezra Klein links to an article on an interesting coal-to-oil plan. It's not a saving grace, but it could help.
  3. Matt Singer links to an article on Sherrod Brown and Ezra Klein's American Prospect piece (subscription required... or just try and find it at a bookstore) on blog strategy in Brown/Hackett and the future of political blog ideology.
  4. Matt Yglesias has a litany of links on Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson's Off-Center book and how they're trying to apply their thesis to even more current events.
  5. Finally, Derek Chollet has a great post over at Democracy Arsenal, arguing why one can also draw parallels between Iraq and Bosnia, and not just Vietnam.