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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Texas Elections

So I missed commenting on everything, which sucked,but here's some thoughts on it all.

1) ACCD Bond- Second time, and a better plan, was the charm. I understood why ACCD wanted to move their nursing and Allied Health programs to the medical center back in early '05, however, shifting resources from other, minority campuses to the white (well, as white as San Antonio can be) North Side is just bad politics. But kudos to ACCD for listening, redoing the bond package, and winning wide support.

2) Crime District- Failed. Miserably. But here's a note to all the naysayers- a crime district is good. Less crime is good. Arguing that we've reached some sort of equilibrium in crime and protection is a poor argument.

Why did it lose? Well, it got attacked on all sides. Anti-tax conservatives, questionable- at best- spending priorities, and political gamesmanship by members of City Council (7 members vs 11. Picked by the whole council at-large or once choice for each district). The measure obviously wasn't ready to go before the voters, and this looks to be a classic case of overreaching by the Mayor and Council after so much had gone so right so soon.

Still, as other bloggers suggest, this is not a massive misstep. It's a stumbling block. Do your homework council, clean up the proposed budget, and decide on a seven-member board. Then bring it back before the voters and have everyone who wants it be willing to fight for it. (Oh and Steve, I mean observer, Rebecca Chapa= Rebecca Rodriguez. It's called marriage. Or a name change to avoid the IRS. I don't know, you'd have to ask her. And coming from someone who probably knows Dr. Richard Gambitta much, much better than you do, let me let you in on a little secret. He's not in the kowtowing business.)

Prop 2- A disappointing, if inevitable, result. It won't strengthen marriage, it won't preserve the family. It won't do anything but make sure that only heterosexual celebrities can defame marriage and allow pundits in the state's four largest papers to call it a great victory for conservatives and a feather in the hat for Rick Perry. To my GLBT readers, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I couldn't put something up before I left and that I couldn't help No Nonsense in November out on election day.

On the bright side, we're less than a year away from having a Governor in office who won't be pushing initiatives like this. Which reminds me, what are Kinky's thoughts on Prop 2?