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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Sports Post

How does the Big XII Championship get bumped all the way down to 1 pm this Saturday? That's insane.

Two words for Sarunas Jasikevicius- Love. him. I'm just waiting for Barkley to shout out his last name.

Mariucci gets fired, but Matt Millen's still in the front office and Joey Harrington's still not #3 on the depth chart? Preach it Dre. Also, why doesn't Bill Walsh just open up a West Coast offense school? I mean, I'd pay to go to that thing. At least to just get a better understanding of half the offenses in Madden.

All I gotta say to this is, a Avery Johnson-Mike Brown NBA Finals coaching matchup? So not happening.

And if you really have alot of time on your hands (like me), you can go here and read some dude's list of the best 100 college point guards of the last 20 years. Negele Knight, Wayne Turner, BJ Tyler, Pepe Sanchez(!), Ed Cota(!!)... really, five more inches of height and I could've been at least a solid D-I point guard. But where's Wojo?