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Friday, November 18, 2005

Noble Proposal? Nah, Grandstanding

Chris Bell comes out with a plan to have the state pay the life insurance premiums of National Guard members who are serving in Iraq. Rick Perry says it's 'interesting'. Strayhorn says the state should pay the premiums up to the max amount. Stealth candidate Felix Alvarado?

On the eve of Veterans Day, Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Chris Bell of Houston said Texas should pay life insurance premiums for about 4,000 National Guard troops serving in combat zones.

But Fort Worth middle school administrator Felix Alvarado, a 28-year military veteran also seeking the party's nod, declined to salute.

"All he's doing is grandstanding," Alvarado said.

I mean come on, even Rick friggin' Perry thinks the idea is interesting. That's the best you can do Felix?