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Friday, November 18, 2005

Local Dem Looking To Run for State Chair

Via the report that is Burnt Orange, we find that San Antonio Dem Charlie Urbina Jones is looking to run for State Chair. BOR has his bio over there while his resume is here. Urbina-Jones has been the Democratic nominee a couple of times against Henry Bonilla in CD-23, losing heavily both times, and had run for Bexar County Party Chair in the last two election cycles- losing heavily the first time around against incumbent Gabe Quintanilla and not making the run-off in 2004. Until recently Urbina-Jones had been thinking of running against Bonilla again. He's a founding member of the Texas Democratic Veterans organization and an officer in the Tejano Democrats if my memory serves me well.

While it's encouraging to see a Latino and a San Antonian hop into this race, I don't know who exactly I'll be supporting here. It seems to me that we need a State Chair who has had some success in grassroots activism and raising money. Then again, if you have those two skills AND you're a Dem, you're probably thinking about running for statewide office yourself. So I'd settle for one of those two skills right now.