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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

And The Plot Thickens

Two happenings at the state house level that are interesting to note:

1) Former HD-48 candidate Kelly White was supposedly looking into another campaign as incumbent Republican Todd Baxter has decided to resign from his seat. Only problem is that she's current Democratic HD-48 candidate Donna Howard's campaign treasurer. Oops. Karl-Thomas over at BOR however, says that's highly unlikely now. Still though, why would you even think for a second you'd be politically viable? You're essentially cutting the candidate you've supposedly put your full faith and credit into at the knees. Repercussion much? Ah well, now that this seems to have passed Austinites can go back to ripping Andy Brown, another HD-48 candidate, and eating their own.

2) Further up I-35, it seems that another freshmen legislator, Charles "Doc" Anderson (R-McLennan County), could be closer to receiving a vigorous primary challenge. As you may recall, I've written previously about Adam Sibley, son of former State Senator and Waco mayor David Sibley, and his possible primary challenge to Anderson. It seems that this could become serious business as father could transfer the remains of his sizable political warchest over to Junior Sibley. A warchest that that reports in at over $390,000 a full three years after Sibley senior got out of the state senate. Get that everyone? Almost $400,000 to run a state house campaign. In half of McLennan County. That he could use just for the primary. The man would literally not have to raise another dime for the primary. Can you even imagine how nasty that primary would be?

Which is almost all former Democratic state representative John Mabry would need to get his seat back.