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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

We Like It, We Love It

Chris Bell comes out with the ethics plan:

1.) Ban pay-for-play,
2.) Ban procurement lobbying,
3.) Forbid contributions during special session veto period,
4.) Allow effective enforcement,
5.) Close soft-money loopholes,
6.) Set reasonable contribution limits,
7.) Encourage competitive elections, and
8.) Close lobbyists’ revolving door.

Each of Chris Bell’s ideas in his Real Clear Reform plan meets the following criteria: Each idea transcends partisanship, makes the system more transparent and accountable, and just makes common sense.

Everything's good... and long overdue. I've said this before, and I'll say it again- it doesn't matter what size and scope of government you prefer; you still want government to be open, accountable, and fair. Texans deserve the opportunity to not see their state legislature be dominated by Bob "$3 million dollars and counting" Perry, by lobbyists turned senior staffers turned lobbyists, or be forced into all but decided representative districts.

The money quote:

The problem with the culture both in Washington and Texas is an excessive tolerance for corruption. Whether it involves one’s self or somebody else, everyone just wants to look the other way. There is an unofficial “don’t mess with ethics” policy around here, and as often as not—whether it’s taking millions of dollars before vetoing legislation or the results of the recent state audit of the comptroller’s office—what they do that’s illegal isn’t as bad as what they do that’s legal.
Team Bell just successfully completed their online fundraising drive (shot for 25k, got 29k) last night, but don't worry, you can still give to them.