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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Trail Mix

A moment, please, for the death of idealism in conservative, Republican lobbyists:

A conservative lobbyist for Republican judicial nominees said that fighting for the Miers nomination has been "utterly joyless."

"I don't even want to be in politics anymore," said the lobbyist. "Why don't I just give up and move to suburban Maryland and work in communications for some big corporation?"

Noam Scheiber has this to say:

If only people really did have to choose between working in Republican politics and cashing out. Almost makes you nostalgic for the days when that was true...

If only...

No, no, no, I thought of it first. Yes, but my idea was bigger. Touche.

By the way, I promise to spend more time on CD-28 real, real soon.

WTF? Now I love Coach K more than anyone- he's been the premier men's college basketball coach of my lifetime- but Pop, coach of two of the last three NBA champions, should be the man here. As the column says, it's the only sure fire way to get Timmy to play, and with Shaq, Kobe, KG, Jason Kidd, and T-Mac most likely not playing in '06 or '08, you need the Big Fund. I also don't like this sense of defeatism that sort of creeps in, already planning for a possible qualifying tournament in '07. You put the right coach out there (and is there any NBA coach over the last 10-15 years more respected than Pop is right now?), lobbying for the right players (I'd put good odds we see a role player like Bruce Bowen or Bobby Sura if Pop was coaching), we don't need no stinkin' qualifying tourney.

There's only one thing that Coach K can do to win my undying support and it goes alittle something like this- "And starting at Point Guard for the United States of America, number 11, Bobby Huurrrrrrrleeeeeey."