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Monday, October 10, 2005

Trail Mix

Some more commentary on the Politics of Polarization, what it means for us, and what we need to do to win- BOR, New Donkey, Greg's Opinion, Common Sense.

Anyone know that the ACLU of Texas had a blog? Looks good. And yes, thank you ACLU for fighting the sexy cheerleading bill.

File this one away underneath the stupid things T.R. Fehrenbach has written:
I have never understood men who keep their word with stockbrokers but not their wives. Like Harry Truman, I believe that if a man's wife can't trust him, nobody can. Call that social conservatism, if you must. Few liberals stay married to the same woman for 50-plus years.

By the way, I'm still waiting for an e-mail address from this guy. He's the only local E-N columnist that doesn't have one.

Oh, and I may not have written about this when it was originally posted a couple of weeks back, but don't think for second I forgot about it.

Uh-Oh: Scoot over to the right s'more, Chet!
Looks like north-central Texas Congressman Chet Edwards is in for some competition in 2006. A Republican Iraq vet has joined the race for the Republican nomination for this congressional seat. The fray includes another Iraq vet and a guy that worked for a right-winger in Congress. How will Chet win this one? And just what type of resources is it going to take--and in turn, take away from areas in which we need to increase voter turnout? And just how is he going to run this campaign? Scary!

-From Dos Centavos

The only way that Dems or minorities in, say, Brazos, Johnson, and Robertson counties are even going to have a strong, well-funded Dem candidate actively campaigning in their area is with Chet's campaign and the DCCC. Who knows, maybe what Stace really means is this is taking money away from Harris County. Then again, funding Chet in a race with the cards stacked against us like this already make sense to me as part of the Run. Everywhere. caucus. The fact that he's actually going to win is what makes this even better.

As talked about most recently by Nate, these guys are going to have to move so far to the right to win the nomination, it's almost going to be a repeat of the '04 race in that regards.

And while I think that the 'scoot over to the right s'more' phrase is supposed to mean that Chet's already a Republican in Democrat's clothing, let's look over how he scored on some key ratings:

NARAL 2004: 100%

NAACP 2003: 80%

NEA 2003-2004: 95%

AFL-CIO 2004: 73%

More specifically:

UAW- 73%
American Postal Workers Union- 73%
SEIU- 71%
CWA- 83%
AFSCME- 100%
IBEW- 75%

AARP- 100%

You know, there are several Democrats in heavily Dem districts here in Texas whose ratings can't hold a candle to these.