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Thursday, October 20, 2005

To Eat An Apple, You Need To Eat An Orange And Kiwi First

Our Governor, the "honorable" Rick Perry:

Perry, in a speech to the Heritage Foundation, said an indication of how the federal government would respond to disasters is how it currently responds to the crisis on the border, which is failing.


Perry suggested the government would better serve the citizenry if it refocused efforts along the 2,000-mile Southwest border, overhauled Social Security and completed the military mission in Iraq.

In other news, local San Antonio blogger, Cincinnatus- in a speech to the Cincinnatus is Cool Foundation- suggested Texas state government would better serve the citizenry if our Governor was attempting to solve state problems such as school finance and ever-rising property taxes rather than opining on Social Security privatization and Iraq.

Maybe that's the problem Republicans had with privatizing Social Security. Horrendous crisis-managers, they dubbed it a 'crisis', thereby single-handedly insuring their failure.