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Monday, October 24, 2005

This Sounds Vaguely Familiar

The Houston Chronicle, from Dos Centavos:

IT'S never been easy to keep track of shifting alliances in Houston's often fractious Hispanic political community, and that's especially true in the race for state House District 143.

Of the six candidates seeking the seat in a special election to complete the term of the late Rep. Joe Moreno, three are supported by feuding factions or longtime politicians. Two have previously run against each other and the former incumbent.

"It's amazing to me how far back this goes. We're like on the third generation of this person's protégée running against a third generation of this other person's protégée," said candidate Rick Molina, 39, a lawyer.

"We've had many, many years of fighting and bickering among factions in this community. It gets old. Let's try something else to move the district forward."

This would be the time to do it.

Wow. All you have to do is switch the HD # and that clip would work just fine here in San Antonio.

This is also probably what turns alot of young Latinos off from politics. As an acquaintance of mine once said (paraphrase), "From the moment you walk in the door and try to volunteer- without being pre-cleared by someone who's 'in'- it's all about why you're there (and why you're really there), what your agenda is, and what you'll expect of them later on."

It's sad, really.