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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Some Weird Things

1) So there's been this really weird story in the SA news. A Army reserve soldier has been accused of assault with a deadly weapon. Ok, nothing wrong there, there's criminals in all walks of life. But the problem with this is that the Army has the guy as being in Iraq when the crime was committed. The DA's office dismissed the charges today, but apparently a huge chunk of the case was based around the fact that his dog tags were found near the scene of the crime (a bar that is a block or so away from his home) and several eyewitnesses tagged him as the guy... only with much longer than Army regulation hair. Reason number 5,765,438 why eyewitness testimony is the least reliable of any testimony in court. Moving on.

2) From the San Antonio Lightning, it seems that local anchorwoman Jacki Cacho, who has proclaimed herself to be Miss Peru 1994, was really not Miss Peru... ever:

The beautiful and popular Jacki (Jacky) Cacho of Univision TV and beauty pageant fame has presented herself to the World as winner of Miss Peru International, 1994 ever since she arrived In SA.

It has worked well to get her into the limelight and garner national attention.

She is a stunning beauty, and a must-have at many beauty pageants in SA and around the state. She gained entree to the Rich and Famous of San Antonio and Texas based on her sparkling personality, her beauty-queen looks, and her sharp business ability that let her parley the Miss Peru crown into a bag of gold.

The Miss Peru title was the spark that lit her bonfire of the vanities.

Just one problem.

She never actually won the Miss Peru International competition.

Nowhere near, Brownie-level resume padding, but still, that's like a punishable by death offense in the beauty pageant world.

And since we're on the subject, someday ask me to regale you with my story of my ex-girlfriend whose best friend happened to be Miss Teen Kansas in the late '90s. Made for, tough, tough double dates. Still, hands down, the most beautiful person I've ever seen in person.

3) Finally, I received an e-mail, actually more like a plea, in my inbox this afternoon letting everyone know that the Bexar County Democratic Party still does not have a Treasurer, and so, per state law, cannot receive or expend any money. Which means they can't pay their October rent right now.

You know, it's gotta suck to be abrasive and incompetent.