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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Some Things I've Noticed

There's been an explosion of Tommy Adkisson bumper stickers. It's weird because I've seen at least one a day for the past week regardless of what part of town I'm in, but I guess he's ramping up in lieu of a Chip Haass challenge.

And while we're on the topic of political signage, there's been alot of SA Safe signs going up around town. I'm thinking this is for the Crime Control District- you know, the one where they haven't even decided on how many people are going to sit on the district.

And for the No Nonsense In November people out there, I don't think having a couple of yard signs in front of an Adult Video store (loop 410 and Broadway) is really what you're going for.

Finally, I know like five people have cornered the San Antonio market on 4X8 placement, but really, could y'all do a better job? Signs parallel (not perpendicular) to highways or major thoroughfares is just a waste of a 4X8. You wouldn't put yard signs parallel in front of houses would you? And stop with the rebar, I know it's cheaper than t-posts but I can't tell you how many signs I've seen fall down or ripped because they're held up by rebar. Just invest in the t-posts guys.