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Friday, October 14, 2005

So What You're Saying Is...

Boxing? Murder? You don't say:

Immoral. Ruthless. Tantamount to legalized murder.

That "punch against prize fighting," as the newspaper Corriere della Sera called it, came from an unusual corner -- an influential Jesuit magazine close to the Vatican.

Civilta Cattolica (Christian Civilization), in its edition scheduled to come out Saturday, called professional boxing a "legalized form of attempted murder."

The article, titled "The Immorality of Professional Boxing," compared the sport to the bloody gladiator contests in ancient Rome. It also criticized the business of boxing as equally ruthless, with the fighter "only a machine to make money."

Not to do any bashing here, but come on news people, it doesn't take the Jesuits telling you that boxing is murder for you to wake up does it? I mean, why is this even front page news?

Can you imagine the reactions of sports editors everywhere to this? "You mean, 'the sweet science' is actually... b-b-b-bad?" It's like that asshole kid in school telling you that Santa Claus isn't real.

In other news, how many of y'all saw Roy Jones Jr decide not to start fighting until the last three rounds a couple a weeks ago? More importantly, how many of y'all bet on Jr?