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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

See, This Is What I Was Talking About

Over a week ago, I wrote about the possibility of the Democratic party adding two to four primary elections right alongside Iowa and New Hampshire. There was a call from a Democratic commission to add one, maybe two, states from both the Southwest and the South. I said this looked to be a good idea, but to watch out for 'rogue states' who would look to move up their primary dates. Then we get this:

This just in…

Utah and New Mexico have decided to hold a Presidential Preference Primary on February 5th, 2008. Arizona already holds their primary on that day. Other states in the Intermountain West are actively discussing joining the coalition.

Utah State Democratic Party Chair Wayne Holland, and Republican Party Chair Joe Cannon will now take the initiative to their respective party central committees.

The parties need to decide if they will make the results of this primary binding upon their delegates. As you probably know, the state provides the platform (time, place, voting equipment, vote count resources, etc.) for presidential primaries, but it is up to the parties to choose if they will participate.

The legislature will also have to approve the new date.

We sincerely appreciate the leadership and teamwork of Governors Huntsman and Richardson on this issue.

DC9 thinks that means Nevada and Colorado are joining the action. Or more specifically Las Vegas and Colorado (Did you know that the Greater Las Vegas area holds like 85% of Nevada's population? Didn't think so. That's what I'm here for.) This shows some promise. Even moreso for Richardson if he runs. He carries NM and gets a natural boost in nearly every state but Utah.

But there is a problem though, a really big problem. Isn't this like two weeks after Iowa? And one week after New Hampshire? Anyone remember the Super Seven states in early February 2004? Kerry won 5 and Clark and Edwards each took one.* Anyone really think that this wouldn't just be a rehash of the '04 primary strategy? Win Iowa, win it all. There needs to be two weeks between Iowa and NH and another two weeks between NH and these Western states.

Oh and if the West can put together a regional primary day, so can the South. Bring back the real Super Tuesday, and lets kick out Cali, NY, Vermont, Mass, Conn, etc.

* Although in Edwards' defense, if he can pull another 1500 in OK (or even 700 votes in New Hampshire), he claims sole possession of the 'Southern, moderate alternative' title. Which allows him to be uber competitive in Tennessee and Virginia (maybe even winning at least one), giving him more momentum going into Wisconsin, and maybe turning the tide at Super Tuesday and pulling off the upset. And yes, I've thought about this entirely too much over the last 15 months.