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Monday, October 24, 2005

San Antonio Approves of Hardberger By 3 To 1 Margin

SurveyUSA's latest poll shows virtually no difference between Mayor Phil Hardberger's September approval numbers and his October one's. Still mid 60s approve, low 20s disapprove.

WOAI breaks it down even further, showing 89% Republicans approve of Hardberger. Not suprising though considering, if you take SurveyUSA's last June run-off poll numbers, that 77% of Republicans were likely to vote for Hardberger. He's just about consolidated Republican support. The mayor's biggest gain has come from member's of his own party, with 59% of Democrats approving of the job he has done. From the same SurveyUSA poll, only about a third of Democrats were likely to vote for Hardberger in June. He's nearly doubled support in that area.

Not a very good start for anyone looking to unseat him in 2007.