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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Rick Perry: Only The Wingnuts Stand With Him

So everyone's talking about the new Zogby/Wall Street Journal poll. Perry's at 40, Bell's at 27, and Kinky's at 18. Perry's dropped five points from the August poll, while Bell has risen several points. On the Senate side, for some reason Zobgy is polling everyone but Radnofsky, which is just strange. But this still shows Kay Bay down five points or so from the August poll.

At this point and time, the specific numbers don't mean as much as where they generally reside and the trend. Is Perry closer to 39% than he is to 45%? I don't know. But the fact that he's down, and staying down, there around Sanchez territory needs to be scaring him. I agree with Greg, Bell's numbers right now- and the fact that they're rising- are in large part a function of name identification. Let's be serious, if Tony Sanchez can pull 39 point whatever percent, worst case scenario, so can Chris Bell.

Kinky's number is a huge function of extended (either above or below ground) campaigning- I saw my first Kinky for Guv bumper sticker in the spring of 2004, a full 18 months ago- and name ID. Namely that this high teens, low twenties is his peak. Look, it's all fun and games thirteen months prior to an election to flirt with a small governor from the northeast... um, I mean a singing mystery novelist. But the guy still has to get on the ballot, come up with a better slogan(s) than 'Why the hell not/I can't screw it up any worse', explain why he hasn't bothered to show up to vote in the last two decades but now want you to show up and vote for him, and find some serious public policy stances (other than using the pulpit afforded to this state's governor to outlaw cat declawing) as we get closer to election day for people to seriously consider him. Short version, Kinky's got problems.

But as shown by this poll and his approval ratings, Rick Perry needs to be the one running scared. As the second-half of this E-N article shows, he's still playing hardball, and he's not gonna stop. Not only is he not going to run on any sort of unity theme, I don't think he could if he wanted to. Not even rolling out John Sharp (which I don't think would happen) or Ed Garza (by the way, his support of Perry has gone way too far under the radar here in SA without any loud repercussions) can help him out there.

But how do we close this gap? By getting Chris Bell's name out there. For those of you who remember, Bell was at the tail end of an online fundraising drive when Katrina hit the Gulf South. He, for obvious reasons, suspended it back then, but it's back up for the next seven days. You can donate here.