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Monday, October 10, 2005

Oh How I Hate The Cowboys


Nine days ago, when the Saints played the Buffalo Bills in the first NFL regular-season game ever played in San Antonio, there was no direct viewing conflict with the widely worshipped Cowboys. But the teams' games Sunday are on a collision course.

A sellout crowd of 65,000 is expected to turn out at noon to watch the Saints play the Atlanta Falcons, led by star quarterback Michael Vick, in the Alamodome.

At the same time, most of the city's Cowboys die-hards will be camped in front of their TVs, watching the Cowboys play the New York Giants and thumbing their noses at the whole Alamodome affair.

"This is Texas, isn't it?" said Bret Madalin, a 47-year-old local mechanic. "Those are the Cowboys, aren't they? Print this in big, bold letters: this is Dallas Cowboys country. Always has been, always will be. Cowboys all the way."

I grew up in a Houston Oiler household. Watching Warren Moon, Mike Rozier, Allen Pinkett, Drew Hill and everyone else running Glanville and Pardee's Run-N-Shoot offense. I remember watching the epic 35-3 collapse against the Bills and a variety of other games like that. I've been trying to get interested in the Texans, but it hasn't happened just yet.

But I hate the Cowboys, if guys like these, and if articles like these help keep a NFL franchise from ever coming to SA, I'm gonna go nuts. Ah well, at least I can take solace in the fact that the Cowboys won't win more than 9 games this year.