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Monday, October 03, 2005

More Chet News

Via Nate, the first of three Republican candidates looking to unseat Chet Edwards has announced:

Former congressional aide Tucker Anderson launched a bid for Congress Friday night, telling about 35 Republicans at a backyard barbecue event in Woodway that he has the political skills and conservative ideas to compete with eight-term incumbent Chet Edwards, D-Waco, in 2006.

“I hope my experience and my roots will propel me to have the courage to debate toe-to-toe with Chet Edwards, who is ultimately standing in the way of the values we hold in this district,” said Anderson, 34.

I'm in complete agreement with Nate, if you're gonna try and unseat an incumbent, you can't talk about experience. Your X number of years as Staff Ass., LA and LD pale in comparison to nearly fifteen years as a member of Congress. But then again, you can't necessarily run on the 'too liberal' for Texas tag. I mean it hasn't worked over the past decade, what would make you think it would work now?

And this is exactly the problem Republicans were having unseating Stenholm, Sandlin, Lampson, et al. They had built up entirely too much credibility to have some scurrilous accusation like that stick. And Republicans couldn't beat them on anything else... so they just blew up their districts.

Still, this district is 65% Republican, so that means Chet's still gonna have to work to win. Then again, I don't know if the Republicans could've come up with three less inspiring candidates to try and knock the Congressman off.