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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Many Uses Of The Word "Crunk"

The San Antonio Lightning has been running a story about a San Antonio high school club named Guy Senior. Apparently these guys have been running around drinking and getting "crunked." Or what I like to call, Friday night:

Some North East School District students are running wild, with the tacit help of a few parents and the look-the-other-way permission of NEISD officials.

A Club called "Guy Seniors," made up of many cheerleaders and jocks -- the creme de la creme on campus -- from Reagan, MacArthur, and Churchill, join each year.

The schools reside in the North East School District. The club entry fee is $100.

Like the student thefts revealed at Roosevelt by the Lightning in previous reports, this club is a very poorly kept secret.

The club's basic, stated purpose is to get "crunk."

It's a mixture of the word crazy and drunk.

Wait, wait, wait. People from Reagan, Churchill, and Mac came up with a cute nickname for their drinking club and I'm supposed to be shocked? The only thing that's shocking to me is that they included Mac and not Clark.

Of course, some of Guy Senior's most distinguished members took it upon themselves to write RG Griffin back and take his report to task on its merits. Namely his definition of the word "crunk":

Letter 1

Guy Senior is held every three-day weekend.

Given a three-day weekend, students will drink regardless of whether or not GS will be held. By getting rid of it, you won’t get rid of underage drinking.


Despite your beliefs the minors that do drink, drink responsibly and designate drivers.

Furthermore, the definition of crunk is NOT crazy and drunk. Contrary to popular belief, crunk is actually the words “crazy” and “funk” put together.

It is not as recent a word as many think; it has been used in rap as early as 1995, but it was popularized by Lil Jon and the Eastside boys much more recently. (

Guy Senior has been an effective “club” since 1994. Why is all of the drama and publicity arising now?

Translation: Don't hate the playa', hate the game. Crunk is crazy funk man, not crazy drunk! If you didn't rip into us ten years ago, why are you ripping into my fun now?

Letter 2

This is Preston Rasco, head of Guy Senior at MacArthur High School. I appreciate the publicity you're giving us makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. In no way is what we're doing promoted by NEISD so what the fuck do you expect Dr. Middleton to do? It is incongruous that you believe by researching Guy Senior that you believe, you a person without a name and without authority, could shut us down. Do you suppose the school board has not tried before? There's nothing they can do. Period.


Do you not appreciate a good time? Or does a good time for you constitute building web pages and trying to look out for children who are not your own.


We are an independent organization, you can call us an AP course if you wish. (I mean basically we're preparing seniors for college life)


And as for your definition of "crunk" I find it rather interesting and hard to comprehend when used in such fashions that it is so famously used in. For Example When a boxer knocks out another boxer one might say "He got crunk on that bitch" Referring to a funny joke "Damn nigga, that was crunk" The combination crazy drunk does not particularly mesh well in those sentences, so you either did not do enough research, you slept through English class, or you were very lonely and decided to try and define a popular phrase just to satisfy your thirst for the agitation of the high school student.

Translation: I can't believe my parents named me Preston. We had our latest word comprehension test here at MacArthur and I just learned the word 'incongrous'! Ah yes, the AP course argument. Insert your own joke here. "Damn nigga, that was crunk!"

Letter 3

Oh you got us! Oh wait Guy Seniors have been going on since the early 90's..damn. Your story is a little late bud. Yes most of us (not all) are the "privileged" and we go onto college. We are better than most. In fact, I'll even let you shine my shoes and call me boss. As I can tell by your elementary writing you are probably still in high school wishing your Mommy would let you go to these "booze parties"

Translation: 'Bud.' 'Better than most.' The unrequited arrogance. Oh. My. God. One of my dumber fraternity brothers (no, not an oxymoron) just wrote in to the SA Lightning.

Final Note: There's an "open invitation to any and all LEGAL female Guy Seniors members" joke in me right now. I just haven't been able to find it.