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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Gag Me, Please

Via the Express-News:

Gov. Rick Perry is Gov. Rick Perry; he is not The Rickster.

But Kinky Friedman — ah, Kinky Friedman is different. Kinky Friedman is The Kinkster.

The Kinkster. Those words go together, like rum and Coke. And he wants to add a third word to that linguistic duo — Gov. The Kinkster.

The Kerrville cowboy is the most refreshing and irreverent gubernatorial candidate in the state.

If his rivals — Perry, Chris Bell and Carole Keeton Strayhorn — morphed into one giant politician, they would not boast half the pizazz of The Kinkster.

Not that he is necessarily the best individual for the job, mind you (although he may be, depending on your ideology).

But he is the most engaging, and that makes the author, humorist and country music singer special — so special that voters have a right to expect a different kind of campaign approach from him.

Yes, we want to see his stands on the issues. But we also want to hear the singer sing.

With that in mind, the Express-News Editorial Board is issuing a challenge to the independent: Give the people your views in the form of a campaign song, a song that captures your feelings about the state, where it has been, where it should go, how you will lead it there.

Sing it on the campaign trail. Sing it loud, and sing it true. Kinky, how hard can it be?

You say irrevent, I say unqualified. What, exactly, is so refreshing about his candidacy- the fact that half of his contributions came from one man? Or maybe it's his total lack of state government knowledge:

"Kinky is his own man with his own ideas. "

Not when it comes to serious things that affect texans. For instance, when asked about dereg he made a joke and kind of admitted he didn't know anything about it. Then his handlers got together and explained it to him. One of Kinky's people actually said I should ask the question because now he knows the answer.

Well, I guess incompetency would be refreshing if we didn't have our current crop of leaders (see- Perry, Rick).

No, you know what's refreshing? Hearing a politician- warts and all- talk about ethics. Seeing a pol actually proposing a law that limits the amount one can give to one person and to the entire political process per cycle. Reading that the revolving door that is Texas lobbying and Republican senior staff could actually have some limits on it if we get the right person in it.

I have a challenge for you Express-News editorial board: Stop doing fluff pieces on Friedman. Sit him down in an interview, and ask him his thoughts on tuition deregulation. Follow through with follow-up questions. Get his views on HB2, HB 3, and the Democratic alternatives. Throw in HB2292 while you're at it. Oh, and when you're done with that, ask him how what his feelings are on Prop 2.

Oh and nothing, nothing goes together like rum and Coke.

Except for maybe Jack and Coke.