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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Cornyn The Moderate Texas Senator?

On this new militia bill, yes. Which should just about blow the idea that Hutchison is Texas' own OlympiaSnoweSusanCollin out of the water:

Saying the U.S.-Mexico border is "hemorrhaging," Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison filed a bill Wednesday that would give states, local law enforcement and volunteers the authority to enforce federal immigration laws.

The legislation mirrors an effort in the House that would create civilian militias to patrol the 2,000-mile border with an amateur force.


The Cornyn-Kyl bill creates a guest worker provision, but also includes measures that would give state and local officials a broader role in enforcement of immigration laws.

It stops well short of authorizing volunteer militias to patrol the borders.

"I am not a fan of volunteers doing — no matter how admirable their intentions — a job for trained law enforcement professionals," Cornyn said.

With volunteers and militias, Cornyn said, "somebody is going to get hurt, who shouldn't get hurt, who I don't want to see get hurt."

Wow, I never thought I'd say this but, meet John Cornyn, a voice of reason in the immigration debate.

But then again, really, how does one think that arming all too eager volunteers and giving some sort of policing powers to them is going to end up anyway?

State Rep. Pena has been leading the debate over here in Texas blogland. Look over there for much, much more information.