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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Congressman Sam Seaborne?

So over at Ezra Klein's pad they're having a discussion about whatever happened to Sam Seaborne. Ezra thought, much like I did, that he got his ass beat in the special election over at the OC. Some people are saying that he won, others are saying that the show never really said the outcome, while a few more are ripping on Lowe for ever leaving the show.

My thoughts on this? If I remember correctly, and when I get home I'll check the DVDs, but Seaborne was down 10 point in the last 10 days or so with 11 points left in the undecided bin. Or something like that according to Toby.

I also remember Bartlett telling McGarry to give Sam some more substantial work when he came back to the White House; put him in the White House Counsel's office and make him an advisor to the President.

Of course they never said whether he won or lost, but you would've thunk that Toby, Josh or CJ would've made some sort of off-hand comment about how great they were for pulling off such a tremendous upset if they had won.

Then again, if he were in the Counsel's office, maybe he would've saved us from having to see Oliver Babish's face over the last several episodes.

But this is also the show where Will Bailey- the man who brought us celebrity poker showdown for crying out loud!- has what it takes to become a congressman. So anything's possible.

What do y'all think?

Oh, and a commenter over there seems to think that Sam- or as the girlfriend calls him, prostitute man- is coming back in November. I wish he'd come back earlier, replace Garofalo and bump her off her goddamm high horse.