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Friday, October 14, 2005

Ciro Rodriguez Announces

Apparently all the rumors of him hopping out were premature (from an e-mail I received):

On Saturday, October 15, 2005 at 10:58 a.m. at my new campaign headquarters located at 6108 S. Flores St., I will formally announce my candidacy for the U. S. House of Representatives, Congressional District 28.

I want you to know why I feel so passionate about this race. Today, we face some very serious challenges, and the stakes have never been higher. My campaign for Congress will be an optimistic one, based on ideas and solutions. During the course of the campaign, we will talk about the issues and the voters will have an opportunity to compare the records of each of the candidates seeking this office. I welcome that discussion and that assessment.

I bring a lifetime of experience and Congressional seniority to the race, and I have a proven record of success in "getting things done." Most importantly, though, I will cast my votes based on my convictions, our common values and the needs of the district. At this critical time, we cannot risk going with anyone who is untested or who has demonstrated a willingness to betray the interests of the district to advance a personal agenda.

We can meet our challenges and create opportunity. The 2006 Democratic Primary is just a few months away and I am asking for your support.

Please join me and my family on Saturday, October 15th at my new headquarters as I kickoff this journey and continue a dialogue with the people of the 28th Congressional District.

Here's his new website.

PS- Why the 10:58 announcement, am I missing something here? Are the extra two minutes between 10:58 and 11:00 gonna throw the whole schedule off-balance? And if the ceremonies aren't started exactly at 10:58, do those that show up get a prize of some sorts?