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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Check Back For More Posting In The Afternoon

Until then, occupy yourselves with this NYT Magazine article (registration required) on Hillary Clinton and the 2008 Presidential election... if you haven't read it yet.

Speaking of which, my early short list of candidates I could possibly support in the 2008 primaries are (in alphabetical order): Evan Bayh, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and Bill Richardson. What's yours?

And I swear to God if any of you say Howard Dean I will claw your eyes out.

Update, 2:21 am: Two people I forgot to put up on the list are Mark Warner and Tom Vilsack. Down in the comments there seems to be alot of talk about Bayh, Biden, Clinton and Obama with a little bit about Edwards. One guy getting no love is Bill Richardson.

Come on now, the man is a former Congressman, UN Ambassador, Energy Secretary and now the Governor of New Mexico- a swing state I might add. If the election were held tomorrow, is there anyone else out there who has inside AND outside the Beltway experience, foreign policy cred, and experience in setting and implementing energy policy in the US? If I've been paying attention to the news correctly, this is the sort of skill set we need in a president right now, right? Plus he's Latino. Anyways, just thought I'd play devil's advocate here.