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Monday, October 17, 2005

CD-28 Numbers

We've done the Edwards race already so we're concentrating this post on CD-28 (Cuellar-Raymond-Rodriguez)


Summary: A surprise here. Raymond leads the incumbent Cuellar by over $100,000, Rodriguez has less than $50k in the bank.

Action: Richard Raymond raised over $200,000 while giving the campaign a $300,000 loan. Spending very little of it (under $77,000), leaves Raymond with $430,000 in the bank.

Henry Cuellar has raised nearly $500,000, spending $184,000 of it while putting another $24,000 to his campaign loan that now totals $226,000. Leaving Cuellar with just under $300,000 in the bank.

On the other end of the spectrum, Ciro Rodriguez has raised just under $105,000 spending $45,000 of it, leaving Rodriguez with just under $50,000 in the bank.

Analysis: Anytime you can say you outraised and have more money in the bank than the incumbent, it's a good thing. Cuellar's team can't really complain about the loan since they did it in '04, and Raymond has an over $100,00 more than Cuellar in cash onhand. But look for Cuellar to start hitting up the DC PACs soon and narrow that gap. Rodriguez needs to find a way to get San Antonio money to help him out.

For some reason everyone seems to discount Raymond. I've seen a few other posts and comments about this race on other non-Texas blogs and alot of people seem to think its current Congressman versus former Congressman. Ciro's on record saying he doesn't think Raymond's gonna be a factor in this. Alot of San Antonians I know tend to discount the man. Alot of people need to wake up. There are three solid candidates in this race. Start getting to know all three of them.

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