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Monday, October 17, 2005

Beer Pong- A Sport Of, By, And For The People

Before we start,This has got to be one of the funniest pictures I've seen in a while. First check out the dude in the horns on the left. Duuuuude, this is beer pong night, not Dungeons & Dragons night. Then check out 'too cool' guy in the aviator glasses just to the left of 'horn guy'. 'Cool guy,' you're not Maverick and you never will be. Now, move your eyes over to the right hand side and check out funny hats guys in the yellow. Giggle at the funny hats. Now continue on to the team in the orange right behind them. Look at how they're plotting strategy- "Ok, for this one, I'm gonna try and get it IN the cup." "Oooo, good one." Finally, go all the way to the back of the room and check out the March Madness-style bracket back there. And yes, this just became my new wallpaper.

Ok, moving on.

The bar is packed, the floor is wet, and dozens of glassy-eyed young people are squeezed around tables trying to lob Ping-Pong balls into cups of beer.

It is the final round of a beer pong championship, sponsored by a maker of portable beer pong tables, and all across the bar, as one team scores points, the other happily guzzles beer.

"It's awesome," said Chris Shannon, 22, a senior at Drexel University here. "If you win, you win. If you lose, you drink. There's no negative."

Apparently Beer Pong isn't just for evening fun anymore:

In January, thousands of players are expected at the first World Series of Beer Pong, sponsored by a beer pong accessories company and held on the outskirts of - where else? - Las Vegas.

The World Series of Beer Pong people.

Does it get any sweeter than that? Oh and you get 10Gs if you win. Ten freakin' Gs. Which should offset any disappointment one would have from not being the 'losing' (read drunk) team on the table.

Now if they'd only add beer hockey, I'd be the greatest two-sport star since Bo Jackson.

Read the article and check out the faux rage Anheuser-Busch displays when they find out that people are playing Beer Pong with *gasp* beer, and not water as their 'official' Bud Pong rules dictates. I'm seriously thinking of printing this article out and framing it.