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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Are You Kidding Me?

Via Rhetoric & Rhythm, it seems we're not completely done with the Henry Cisneros/special prosecutor investigation:

This spring, Republicans and Democrats voiced outrage over the news that independent counsel David M. Barrett was still pursuing a decade-long, $21 million investigation into a crime long confessed and paid for. Without debate, the Senate unanimously agreed to strip Barrett of further funding for his inquiry on former housing secretary Henry G. Cisneros.

prodded by conservative commentators, House Republican leaders grew convinced that Democrats were trying to suppress embarrassing revelations about the Clinton administration. The Senate provision was ditched behind closed doors, and Barrett and his staff continue to work -- at a cost to taxpayers of nearly $2 million a year -- on an inquiry that seemingly ended 13 months ago.

In its semiannual audit, the Government Accountability Office said yesterday that Barrett spent $930,742 from October 2004 to March 2005, six years after Cisneros pleaded guilty to the charges Barrett was appointed to investigate -- and more than a year after Barrett submitted his 400-page report for final judicial review. The GAO did not indicate what Barrett has been doing since he finished his report, other than maintain staff and office expenditures that have continued to rise since the investigation ended.

You know, the conspiracy theorist in me says that Barrett's gonna keep this open until the Repubs are absolutely sure Cisneros ain't running for office anymore. But this is ridiculous. Is this what Delay means when he says that after 11 years of Republican 'leadership' in Congress, the budget has been pared down pretty good?

Thanks for the catch Mike.