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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

And Then There Were Two

Via Nate, Bentley Nettles- Out:

The storm damage was worse than Bentley Nettles thought.

The 42-year-old Army Reserve lieutenant colonel withdrew from the 2006 Republican primary Monday, saying nearly a month of emergency Texas Army National Guard Reserve duty related to Hurricane Rita proved too much to overcome.

Last week he told the Tribune-Herald, “I'm still running,” as he returned to the campaign trail. On Monday morning, Nettles said it was over.

“Maybe next time, hopefully, we won't have any hurricanes,” Nettles said.

And so this leaves Chet Edwards up against a guy who- after spending a lifetime in North Dallas- just moved into the district a few months ago and another who just moved back home after spending four years in Washington DC. With Nettles, who hails from Bryan/College Station, out of the race I would expect Tucker Anderson to shore up support in the southern portion of the district with Van Taylor trying to do the same in McLennan County where he now 'resides', leaving the northern portion of the district as the battleground area. But there's still some time if someone else wants to hop in.

Hmm, wonder if either one is gonna go after the Wohlgemuth endorsement?