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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Why Can't We Do This?

From the Daily Kos:

Believe it or not, we took the Colorado state legislature precisely using this kind of thinking. The state's progressive groups came together and divided zones of responsibility. Then they created two political organizations to support the efforts of Democratic candidates -- one which supported the efforts of candidates who met the entire progressive checklist, and the other for candidates who were less "perfect". That way, NARAL never had to put a dime into a district in which the Democrats was anti-choice. Labor didn't have to help out in districts where the Democrats was hostile to their interests. And so on.

And it worked. The umbrella group running the operation targetted 16 Republicans in the Colorado House and won 15 of the races. It was an excercise in movement building, not myopic single-issue focus. And while there are Democrats in the Colorado House that are less than optimal on any number of progressive issues, the entire movement benefits from having a friendly party in control.

Myopia has no business in the Democratic Party anymore.