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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Vote For John Courage, Run-Off Edition

As many, many other blogs have blogged about (BOR I, II, III, IV, Kuff, Matt), John Courage made the run-off in Democracy for America's Grassroots All-Star competition. John was a solid second out of fifty one candidates in the initial vote, and he's in first right now. A good start, but with nine other competitors- and this being an Instant Runoff Election- it's gonna come down to the number of people who have John listed as their second and third choices. Richard Morrison's endorsement helps out with that, but I think we're gonna need some sort of strategy to push up the second and third choices. Shoot, I'm not averse to dusting off my Daily Kos account and using it to blog about him over there.

Still, we can mitigate those factors slightly if we build up John's 'first ballot' numbers. Just like in the initial election, John's the only Texan. John was also the only candidate residing in a former Confederacy state to make it into the run-off. Out of the ten finalists, there's only one other south of Iowa, and she's over in SoCal. I'm really not surprised by any of this, but it does need to be pointed out.

Lamar Smith doesn't think John's a credible candidate. He thinks this race is going to be a mirror image of their 2002 matchup. Let's send him a wake-up call and make him realize that he's gonna have to work his ass off to protect his leads in Hays, Blanco, Bexar, and Comal counties, and he's going have do whatever it takes to make sure his loss in Travis county isn't big. Let's make sure a congressmen who believes it's more important to be one of the 100 most powerful men in Washington than it is to have more than one staffer in his Austin office gets sent home.