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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Two Reasons To Read The New Republic

If you're not reading it already:

Franklin Foer has an absolutely amazing article on the College Republican National Convention. I would classify that as a must read.

As an aside, having read BOR's report on what happened at the Young Democrats of American Convention, this sort of convention maneuvering really isn't all that suprising. The only main difference is the Rs seem to do it with professional political operatives and alot more money. Only one of the many reasons why I try not to join any organizations such as these.

Secondly, Michael Crowley has a plea to Sen. John Kerry- Please give up your quest to gain the 2008 Democratic nomination for President. There was one portion of the article though, that I disagree with:

It's not just the media--it's Democratic voters, too. Kerry placed second in an August CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll which asked Democrats whom they preferred as a 2008 nominee. That doesn't sound so bad until you consider the numbers. Kerry finished with 16 percent, while the front-runner, Hillary Clinton (of course), had a whopping 40 percent. And Kerry was barely ahead of John Edwards, who placed just one point behind him. A June Fox News poll yielded similar results.

And it gets even more ominous. Kerry is especially unpopular within the world of netroots Democrats--the blog-based crowd who nearly lifted Howard Dean to the Democratic nomination and whose influence over the 2008 primaries will only be more powerful. The bloggers and their acolytes are still trying to figure out which candidates to promote for the next presidential nomination. But at the moment there seems to be no groundswell for the last nominee. In a summer straw poll conducted by, perhaps the Grand Central Station of netroots liberals, Kerry finished with a pathetic 2 percent--putting him behind the likes of Biden, Virginia Governor Mark Warner, Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold, and the estimable "No Freakin' Clue." (Wesley Clark finished a clear first with 34 percent.) Meanwhile in another recent straw poll over at the Kos-like site, Kerry tallied just 3 percent among 14 Democrats.

Matt Yglesias writes most of my arguments for me over at TAPPED, but I'd add one more thing. Namely that Kerry didn't beat Dean- he beat John Edwards. It was clear over the two weeks preceding the Iowa caucus that Dean's numbers were falling. Not because of John Kerry, but because of the combined effort of all the Democratic candidates. What John Kerry was able to do with his last-minute 1.6 million dollar loan, as Crowley points out, was beat the only major Democratic candidate who played within the public financing system, John Edwards. Edwards and his $40 million fortune could've done the same thing, but he didn't. And with the $1.6 million infusion Kerry was able to do things like purchase ad time in Council Bluffs, Iowa- a town of 60,000 just across the Missouri River from Omaha, Nebraska which is in a media market that is 90% Nebraskan.
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