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Friday, September 23, 2005

Trail Mix

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, all put together it has a good taste and is fairly healthy for you.

More John Sharp bashing:

Now that we've had a few days to look over this new pairing and let it sink in, it's time to take a longer view of John Sharp's "..stunning political pirouette..". To some, these two guys getting together like this may seem a little odd. But veterans of Texas politics with a knowledge of the recent past know that these two guys, ideologically, have never been that far apart. That's why their race was so close. Sharp's record of fiscal conservatism is what made his races against Perry and Dewhurst so close.

Call me crazy, but I don't think Sharp would be running around having closed door meetings with clergymen trying to do everything in his power to put a ban on gay marriage on the constitution. I may be wrong on this one, but I don't think Sharp would be trying to turn our existing roads into tollways, and- I could be wrong on this one too- I don't know if Sharp would be parroting the same sort of school finance and tax plans that Rick Perry was a few months ago. You may not agree with Sharp 100 percent, but he's not ideologically close to Perry. Running around waving voting ratings from when both were in the State House when I was like 2 means nothing to me. If Sharp had been in Perry's shoes since '98 this state would be much, much better off. But that's not what gets my grits:

John Sharp stayed a Democrat when others decided to become Republican. His "buddy" and other Democrats at the time put their fingers to the wind and decided that to survive they needed to become Republicans; he didn't. Back when these two "buddies" entered politics, to win on a state level you had to be a Democrat. One effect that had was such that some people who ran as Democrats back then would not do so today. Some West Texas Democrats, like Pete Laney, and those redistricted out of office, like Charlie Stenholm and Jim Turner as examples, if they were starting their careers today, would probably run as Republicans.

You know, it would've been real easy for them to have switched two years ago- or four years ago in Laney's case- or anytime before that for that matter. If Laney switches then, isn't he the frontrunner for House speaker after the '02 elections? Charlie Stenholm and Jim Turner switch parties and they probably get to stay in office. They survived all these years by listening to their constituents and voting their district. I find it plausible, but very hard to believe that a Charlie Stenholm or a Jim Turner would run as a Republican today. At some point and time you have to realize that they are, when all is said and done, Democrats.

Oh, and can we quit parroting Republican talking points about how this now, at the very least, gives Perry the facade of bipartisanship? This is RICK FREAKIN' PERRY for gods sake. Moving on.

Lamar Smith is sticking by his immigration memo:

"Liberals can easily and accurately be painted as opposing enforcement," Smith opines.

Blair Jones, a Smith spokesman, said the congressman stands by the memo.

"The congressman was trying to point out that the liberals in the Democrat (sic) Party have consistently opposed stricter enforcement of immigration laws. That's no secret," Jones said in an e-mail.

Whatever dude, your office can't even get an fax number right. Joshua Lyman would have your head on a platter if that ever happened with him in charge. By the way, I don't care who wins the Santos-Livick race that begins fo' real this Sunday. So long as Josh comes out swinging and kicks some tail.

Jaime Castillo also has some info on the potential Madla-Uresti matchup:

While state Rep. Carlos Uresti continues to mull a Senate bid, his potential target, state Sen. Frank Madla, is not sitting still.

The longtime Democratic lawmaker said he will be using veteran Austin strategist Bill Miller as his campaign manager.

Miller, who of late has been close to the Republican leadership in Austin, said he and Madla are "old, old friends."

Seriously, why am I not surprised? Carlos, get in this race so we can get this guy out.

Finally, County Commissioner Paul Elizondo had his first mailer go out sometime this week. It was followed by a fundraising letter. Or maybe the other way around, I don't know the specifics very well. But the mailer had some quotes by Van De Putte, Sheriff Ralph Lopez, Tax Assessor-Collector Sylvia Romo, and Henry Cisneros. Honestly, I'm not really moved by either Elizondo or Barrera at this point and time. There's gotta be a whole lotta room for a third candidate in this race. The only questions is, whose got the gut to do it?