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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Toll Roads Opponents Gettin' Physical

Some anti-toll road dude tells County Judge Nelson Wolff to "take the first shot:"

Alamo Regional Mobility Authority Chairman Bill Thornton said he plans to hire security for future RMA meetings after an anti-toll activist confronted Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff outside the courthouse Thursday and, according to Wolff, told him to "take the first shot."

Thornton said, "You know how you throw your chest out and get right in someone's face? And he challenged Nelson to a fight."

The incident is an example of how high passions are running over plans to add toll lanes to U.S. 281 and other roads in Bexar County.


Hall and Holt had been attending the re-election announcement of County Commissioner Paul Elizondo, who got testy when they asked if he would support an independent review of the proposed toll roads, many of which are in Precinct 2.

"I need more information on that," Elizondo said.

When Holt continued questioning him, Elizondo cut in.

"Are you from Precinct 2? Are you from San Antonio? OK. Thank you," he said, and walked off.

Craziness. But it does underscore the level of opposition these toll road projects are finding. Another funny happening at Paul Elizondo's re-election announcement? The fact that there were enough County Commissioner's to constitute a quorum:

Commissioners Tommy Adkisson and Sergio "Chico" Rodriguez were there supporting Elizondo, as well as Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff.

Since four of the five members of the court were present, they constituted a quorum of the court.

Because they apparently did not discuss county business, the gathering is likely covered by a provision in the Texas Open Meetings Act that allows for members of a body to meet for informal or social purposes, County Attorney Ed Schweninger said.

But it should have been posted, he added.

"If a quorum of the court plans to be at a function, let's post," Schweninger said. "My advice is always to post it."

Couldn't you just have seen that posting?