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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Some Things That I Didn't Write About Last Week

A couple of things here that caught my eye last week but I didn't write about back then:

1) The Scripps-Howard Texas poll:

Perry's numbers are back in the thirties. Big suprise. The Republican base supports him over Strayhorn. Another big shock. Sharp leads all Democratic comers in the race for Governor. Count me thrice surprised. Can we say, name rec?

Yes, Chris Bell's been out there campaigning/exploring for quite a while now, yeah he's met with numerous Democratic clubs and Dem activists. But that's what I find to be exactly the problem with what I'm gonna call the 'Democratic elites' here. My family, all pretty good Dems. I'm sure they'll get a whole handful of primary lit from various candidates in their respective areas by virtue of their Double-D Dem status. But they don't belong to any clubs, they aren't on any list servs, they don't browse the blogs, they don't do any of that junk. The only people who know who the hell is running for Governor? My parents. Partially because of me, partially because they read the Metro section of the Express-News the day after Chris Bell announced his campaign for Governor.

They just ain't paying attention right now. So quit with the internet-handwringing (look at the comments). The guy hasn't introduced himself to the vast majority of Dem voters yet... much less all voters. Yeah he's spent some money, but $200k ain't nothing. Want a comparison? John Courage spent $150k on a congressional race in '02 and got his ass handed to him. And that was to represent three percent of Texas. So let's quit saying that Felix Alvarado is doing just as good as Chris Bell (there's a big elephant in the poll here that no one wants to talk about. figure it out yourself), or that Chris Bell is down to Sharp even though he hasn't even announced (he's actually within the MOE and I'm sure they didn't preface John Sharp's name with the fact that he's not an official candidate yet).

Bell's putting in the leg work right now that no one else is doing. This will pay off in spades the closer we get to the primary. Polls six months out from primary day don't mean a damn thing. Just ask Howard Dean, John Edwards, and John Kerry.

2) Ron Paul and Shane Sklar

Ron Paul, Libertarian Republican, votes against the $50 billion relief money for Katrina-ravaged parts of the US. Alot of Dems yawn, saying stuff like, 'That's just Ron being Ron.' BOR blogs about it. BOR readers say essentially the same thing. One commenter (I'll give you BOR readers one guess as to who it is) actually praises Paul for voting no. Another commenter says this:

Paul's votes nay on everything. My hometown is in district 14. The voters will never hear of this. Even if they did it isnt like they would do anything about it. No one has run against him as long as I can remember.

Funny thing though, just below this post, is one entitled, "Shane Sklar Kicks Off Campaign In CD 14." No one comments on this post.

Truth of the matter is, it is Ron being Ron. Doesn't mean we have to like it. Doesn't mean we can't do everything in our power to kick him out. There's a real, live candidate running against Paul in CD 14. He's gonna raise some money and some hell. And he's going to be able to put up an ad in the Fall of 2006 talking about how Paul voted against the $50 billion and talk about how CD 14 has a whole lot of coast line itself. Would Ron have voted against this if it were CD 14 that was destroyed by Katrina? Or would that have been a justifiable government expenditure in Paul's book?