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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Some Quick Hits At 2 AM

The Express-News has an article about soon-to-be city manager Sheryl Sculley's drive, work ethic, and competency. The article brings up a very, very good point- that all of the hoopla surrounding those who have opposed her or attempted to torpedo her shot at becoming our city manager never once questioned her qualifications or ability. Money (while also approving millions of dollars for a MLS franchise) and bargaining position? Yes. Whether or not she was the best for the job? No.

Jaime Castillo's weekly column centers around the almost palpable change that City Hall has seen in the 10 weeks or so that Phil Hardberger has been on the job:

In a few short months in office, Mayor Hardberger has created an air of certainty around City Hall that hasn't been prevalent for years.

When he began his outsider quest for mayor so many months ago, Hardberger, a former chief justice of the 4th Court of Appeals, was regarded as extremely smart, likable and beholden to nobody.

Still, with his age on the north side of 70, some — including myself — wondered not if he was capable, but if he would have the energy to be a round-the-clock mayor in a city government with a severe identity crisis.

But there he was on CNN's NewsNight with Aaron Brown about 9:30 p.m. Thursday, sounding every bit like the confident leader he professed himself to be on the campaign trail. (This coming after a full City Council day that included the hiring of a new city manager.)

Asked how the city's coffers, hospitals and schools could absorb the refugees that began arriving Friday morning, Hardberger gave the city a chamber-of-commerce moment:

"There's going to be some difficulties and hardships for the people of San Antonio, but our difficulties and hardships are nothing compared to what these people are going through."

His time in office, up to now, has definitely set a different tone. In his short time, Hardberger has successfully and compassionately managed the intake of those citizens devastated by Katrina, hired, in my opinion, the most qualified city manager candidate in the country, and pushed up the timetable for San Antonio pound reforms. These actions are exactly why I supported him in his campaign for mayor.

Just got to see the new episode of 'Real Time with Bill Maher' that I DVRed last night. Kinda hard to see Josh Lyman on a political talk show and not expect him to blurt out,

"Lady, the God you pray to is too busy getting indicted for tax fraud."

Does this mean that Rob Lowe is unknowingly slept with a call girl Friday night?

I'm with Nate, good to see Anderson Cooper rip into all the screw-ups who have bungled up the rescue and evacuation process. Maher also said a phrase that I would LOVE to hear every Democratic candidate in Texas in '06 and nationally in '08 use; if 2000 was all about restoring honor and integrity, then '06 and '08 have gots to be about bringing competence and ability back to the (insert institution of governance here).

Finally, got to see The Skeleton Key tonight at the drive-in... good movie- I have the scratch marks and bruises on the arm from the galpal's constant grasping to prove it- although I have to say I called the twist halfway in. Next movie up on the list? The Excorcism of Emily Rose. That one's gonna be a little tougher to get through since just the previews with the contorted faces are giving me the heebie-jeebies right now. Haven't been able to sit through the whole commercial just yet. Although the last time that happened was with The Others, and that movie wasn't particularly scary.

Alright, time to sleep.