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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Some Good Stuff

Some dude shot and killed an 1,100 lb elk in New Mexico:

"I was hunting the third day, but I hadn't heard many bugles," Harber admitted.

That's when the hunter's wapiti fortunes began to change.

"About three-quarters of a mile away, I heard some cows mewing, talking among
themselves," Harber said.

"I had a Hoochie Mama call and I started calling. And after about three sets of calls, I got a bugle that answered me."
At some point and time you've gotta just give up if you're an animal. I mean if an 1,100 bull elk gets taken out by an arrow, then you just gotta high tail it over to a protected preserve.

Moving on.

A radio station in Lexington, KY is running a gimmick where one of their female radio personality's will be taking a piece of clothing off on a billboard for every game the Kentucky Wildcats football team wins. The good news? She doesn't have a face or a body made for radio. The bad news? Two things- Kentucky Wildcats football is the exact opposite of Kentucky Wildcats basketball. Which is to say they normally suck. I don't know if it's any different this year. Two, this seems to be just a massive tease. UK won last week and she took her button down shirt off... only to reveal a t-shirt underneath. Ah well, we'll keep you posted on this developments.

Finally, we've got a whole three people signed up for a blogger/blog reader fantasy football league. We need at least three more. If you want to sign up, shoot me an e-mail.