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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Republicans: All About The Education

Monday's Express-News showcased an article where conservatives are complaining that immigrants are able to attend institutions of higher education at an in-state rate:

Juan Delgado was 14 when his father told him to move to Texas to get an education.

Delgado didn't want to leave his hometown in Monterrey, Mexico, but his father — a teacher who made little money — continued to pressure him.

Delgado finally came to Texas on a tourist visa and moved in with an aunt. The visa quickly expired, but last week, the 21-year-old became a San Antonio College student, thanks to a Texas law enacted in 2001 that allows undocumented immigrants to qualify for in-state tuition at public schools.

That law is being challenged by the Washington Legal Foundation, a conservative legal and advocacy organization that argues Texas is breaking federal law by giving migrant students an unfair break.

A complaint filed with the Department of Homeland Security charges Texas is violating a 1996 federal law that says if public colleges offer discounted rates to undocumented students, they must do the same for U.S. citizens from out of state. Students who live out of state typically pay significantly higher tuition than in-state students at public schools.

Lamar Smith, the Republican congressman from San Antonio who wrote and sponsored that federal law, said he supports the foundation's effort.

Yup, that's Lamar Smith for you. Maybe if he spent less time trying to be one of the 500 most powerful people in DC, he'd actually be able to think about whether he wants a more or less educated Texas society. Whatever happened to those States Rights, local control Republicans huh?