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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Rat Bastard

Paul Taglibue says SA is small potatoes:

With regard to the city’s first-day sales of 50,000 tickets for the Saints
games, Tagliabue was asked: “Might this turn into an opportunity for that city
to prove that they should be in the mix?”

“Ever since we approved the
move of the Raiders and the Rams, I’ve been saying that our goal is to get a
team back to L.A., either through expansion or whatever, and we’re not going to
be moving any teams into small markets,” Tagliabue said.

“We’re going to
be moving up in market size, not either down or flat. That’s our goal. So that’s
been my mindset. We’ve had enough teams move from large markets to small
markets. So if … any teams are relocated in the future, the objective is going
to be to concentrate them — put it this way — in markets that can really support

I now officially hate Paul Taglibue. Seriously, with all the crap that baseball's gone through, and the fact that there are waaaaaay to many minorities in the NBA for 'middle America' to be comfortable with, the NFL should be, hands down, THE sports league in the US of A. But it's not. If the NFL had a real commissioner, say a resurrected Pete Rozelle or David Stern, it would be. But I digress.

LA is too shallow a town to support a football team. Sure they'll support the Lakers and we've seen a couple of stars hop on the young Clippers bandwagon (but now that the wheels are coming apart, I'm sure we'll see them hopping off), but there's a reason the Angels play in Anaheim and there's a reason the Rams moved. The Raiders are a special case since they're run by Al Davis and the Dodgers can evoke some memories, but it's been way too long since they've been in a pennant race.

As big and as attractive as LA is, there's no way it would come out of the woodwork to support a team as historically mediocre as the Saints. Plus, fifty percent- minimum- of the seats at the game would have to be sky boxes, ain't no way in hell with all those egos in LA they'd settle for anything less. I don't know where the Saints will relocate, as the article states, it's going to be, at least, 2007 before they're back in New Orleans proper. But what I do know is San Antonio, the Rio Grande Valley, the Texas Hill Country, and a dash of Austin could very well support an NFL franchise. This city's disposable income is disproportionately higher than it should be, the Hill Country is filled with affluent retirees, and with the support of the Valley and Austin we could definitely make it happen.

Screw you Paul Taglibue.