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Monday, September 19, 2005

Pushing Past Partisanship

Chris Bell's blogatorium has a post up about Transcending the Left-Right Divide:

Whether it's redistricting, school finance, childrens health care, or really anything other than raising their pensions, Texas politicians don't seem to remember that we make progress on the common ground, not in the partisan trenches.

People get that; Rick Perry doesn't. And to build a coalition capable of beating Rick Perry in November, we don't need a fundamental realignment of Texas politics. What we simply need is a Democratic nominee who recognizes, as the equally transcendant Greg Wythe notes, that it doesn't matter whether you are looking "50 yard line from the right or left."

Corruption, cronyism, ineptitude, and incompetence are not partisan dividers. Whether you believe in a strong, progressive government, or a no-frills, minimalist one, you still want it to be fair and competent. Take, for instance, the state auditor's recommendation that the Comptroller's office not take campaign contributions from those who may have business before them. Or that we keep state officials and aides out of the lobbying business for at least one year. How about the bill brought before the state house this past session, capping the donations that a candidate could receive from a single person at $10,000! And this doesn't even touch the three issues that Jason Stanford mentions about above.

The alternative we present to the voters is open, accountable, ethical, competent government. Everything they're not. Mix that in with school finance and that's a recipe for success.