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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Pressure Time For NFL Football In SA

The first Saints game in SA is six days away and there's still 15,500 seats open. On the bright side, there were about 18,000 seats open on Thursday night, so we sold about 3,000 in a couple of days. To prevent a television blackout, all need to be sold by Thursday. While selling 50,000 tickets in a matter of a couple of weeks is a feat to be proud of, I don't think there's anyway we can expect to be taken seriously by the NFL powers that be if we don't sell out these three games.

And the way it's looking right now, we might only sell out the Michael Vick game. If I had the money, we'd be going, but we're planning to go see the Detroit game. If you've got the time, money and inclination, and you'd like for there to be a glimmer of hope that San Antonio gets its own NFL team to call its own, consider going to this game.