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Thursday, September 22, 2005

More SA Football Stuff

This is third post in as many days on football coming to San Antonio so you'll get very little commentary from me:

1) Buck Harvey- It's about Jerry Jones, Tom Benson, and the Houston owners now wanting us to cut into their market share. Pretty much the truth.

2) It's the luxury boxes and sponsorhips stupid!- We need to make improvements to the Alamodome yes, but that can't be Taglibue's only problem. Here's a good quote for you pro football types:

San Antonio "is arguably the best underserved market for professional sports in the country, and I've felt that way about it for a number of years," Sportscorp's Ganis said.

"If you are looking empirically for markets that make sense for an NFL franchise, the San Antonio/Austin area has a lot of good fundamentals, including income in the hands of a broad base, population and a growing corporate community."

So if you're not looking at it empirically, what other way are you looking at it- subjectively? That's a great way to look at it Tags!

3) Henry Cisneros, Councilman Reichard Perez, Rita Benson LeBlanc, and Saints Marketing Exec., Mark Feder go stumping all across South Texas drumming up support for the Saints' three games in SA. Glad to see our guys doing whatever it takes to make it a regional issue.