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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Local Dem Profiled in Express-News

Local Dem giant Bill Sinkin is being profiled in a six-part series by the Express-News:

In local politics, I go a long way back. I first worked in Maury Maverick Sr.'s mayoral campaign in the 1930s, then was active in Jack White's race for mayor in 1940.

White appointed me chairman of the San Antonio Housing Authority, where I met Henry B. Gonzalez and was also able to add 2,500 new housing units to the city's stock.

My friend, attorney John Daniels, was Bexar County Democratic Party chairman at the time, and I've worked for the party in every presidential campaign since, from Franklin D. Roosevelt to John Kerry. I have been Democratic precinct chair in Alamo Heights since 1938.

Look to the right to find links to all six parts.