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Monday, September 12, 2005

Kinda Like The Galleria, But Not Really

The big story o' the week for the girlfriend is the opening of The Shops at La Cantera open-air mall this Friday. It's my equivalent of election day, a NBA Finals with the Spurs, and a live fantasy football draft day all rolled into one. I actually think she's taking off from work on Friday. There's gonna be a Neiman Marcus, a Nordstroms, Tiffany & Co., Burberry, and my personal favorite, San Antonio's very first Apple store. So like the title says, kinda like the Galleria, just about a third their size. Or, kinda like the 16th street open-air mall in Denver... except The Shops at La Cantera are actually suburban sprawl and most definitely not urban renewal.

But of course, stupid people have to go and ruin it with their stupid comments:

Shops officials say their new center will have a unique mix of lush landscaping, fountains and exclusive shops. For the first time, San Antonio will have high-end retailers that can compete directly with Houston, Dallas and Austin's Barton Square Creek. The center will also give the city one more selling point as a favorite destination for tourists — particularly those from Mexico.

For locals such as Julie Lee, who makes regular trips to exclusive stores in Austin, the new stores give her a reason to stay home.

The Dominion resident said she's crossing her fingers that Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus live up to their high-end quality after being here awhile.

"When Macy's came in they brought their full line of products, and after they realized what people were buying, they brought in their lower-grade brands," Lee said while getting her nails done. "The only one who kept their standards is Saks Fifth Avenue, and they still don't carry some of the stuff that you can find at other stores."

Houston resident Yolandra Drake said the Nordstrom's name lures her to the Houston Galleria to buy shoes from its renowned shoe department.

With most shoes priced at more than $100, Drake said she knows the black dress shoes she's buying for her 12-year-old daughter, Haley, will last years.

The first comment needs no response. As for Ms. Drake, look, we don't need to know how you justify purchasing expensive-ass shoes for your child. That's your business. But if you do an interview, give us a better reason to read about, other than "the shoes will last years." Because if I remember correctly, my shoes may have had the ability to last years when I was twelve, however, nature and puberty did not allow me to wear shoes for years at that age.

But for me, the big September opening marked on my calendar has to be San Antonio's first Freebirds! opening sometime later this month. SuperMonster here I come!