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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

John Courage: Grassroots All-Star

All the votes are counted in Democracy For America's Grassroots Allstar, and San Antonio's own John Courage has won:

Two weeks ago, we asked DFA supporters to help kick-off the campaign to take back Congress by voting in our Grassroots All-Star competition. Tens of thousands of DFA members voted for candidates in every corner of the country. After tallying the votes, we're excited to announce the DFA Grassroots All Star: John Courage, from San Antonio, Texas.

Who is John Courage? A Texan tired of no-solution, self-dealing, all-hat-and-no-cattle Republican misrule. Like us, he's for ready change. So he's doing something about it: Running for Congress.

Join me in supporting Courage for Congress today:

From what I've heard, Richard Morrison's DFA endorsement netted him about $60k right off the bat. Since this is DFA's first endorsement of the '06 cycle, and with what I would presume is an even larger DFA e-mail list now, I would expect John to get more than that.

Getting DFA's first endorsement was crucial. With the FEC quarterly reporting deadline just a few days away, this will give Courage a decent bank account to start off with. Plus John gets the opportunity to parrot this endorsement with the base and other potential donors for thirteen months now.

Great job everyone, but this is merely the first step on the longer journey of kicking Lamar Smith out of office.