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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hardberger to Taglibue- You're Wrong

Mayor Phil Hardberger on Tuesday dismissed NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue's characterization of San Antonio as a "small market" as the uninformed opinion of an outsider.

"Our market is becoming larger every day," Hardberger said. "But I can understand that people that don't live here, that live all the way across the United States, may not know that."


Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff said fans from throughout South and Central Texas would buy tickets.

The NFL "may be right about San Antonio being a small market," Wolff said, "but we've always argued Austin, South Texas and even (northern) Mexico should be considered part of our market. The NFL has never bought that argument, but with these three games, we can prove them wrong."

I wrote about this yesterday, so I won't bore you with redundancy, but it's good to see city and county leaders stepping up to the plate and not taking Taglibue's crap.

Ken Rodriguez
also has some info on Henry Cisneros traveling South Texas trying to drum up support from Corpus Christi to McAllen. Rodriguez writes about probably the biggest problem I forsee us having- selling out the thirty four luxury suites. With only eleven days to the first Saints game, it's crucial for SA's football hopes that we do this.

Count me on the side who thinks we can.