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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Crazy Kooks

Swing State Project, which did a great job of covering Paul Hackett's campaign, goes 'round the bend:

Montana Senator Max Baucus is a skittish senator known for bolting and running. In fact, Senator Baucus has quite a reputation for running. On November 22 of last year Baucus was running from something for 50 miles when he hit his head on a rock and needed urgent brain surgery. I'm no big city doctor, but I think Baucus lost his fucking mind

SSP explaining Baucus' decision to vote for John Roberts: he's crazy, it's because he had brain surgery last year. And he needed the brain surgery because he was running- literally- for fifty miles from something righteous.

Today, "Leahy to vote for Roberts"- CNN:

The senior Democrat on the Judiciary Committee announced Wednesday he will vote to confirm John Roberts for chief justice of the United States after leading lawmakers met with President Bush to discuss candidates for the other high court vacancy.

Swing State Project? Silent. Where's Leahy's mind Bob Brigham? Is it stuck in a tin of Vermont maple syrup?