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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Cost Of Katrina In SA

Not even a week into San Antonio's housing of Katrina evacuees, our city government's tab has run over $1 million:

City officials don't know exactly how much they've spent on relief for Hurricane Katrina victims, but Mayor Phil Hardberger said Tuesday it's already more than $1 million.

Since Thursday, the city has purchased or leased cots, air conditioning units, tents, tools, portable toilets and showers for four shelters in San Antonio. Officials have authorized untold hours of overtime for city personnel, including police officers.

As the article goes on to state, this only includes public, city spending. It does not include any spending from private organizations or shelters. Housing, feeding, clothing, and everything else our fellow Americans need is going to be very costly. But it's what needs to be done.

Later on today, there's going to be a press conference announcing a San Antonio Hurrican Relief Fund that will keep all of the donations in San Antonio for the relief and housing effort here. I'll put up that link as soon as I get it. Until then, donate to the Red Cross or give to the ad to the right if you can.

One more thing, if you can give of your time during the week, please consider it. Since Monday evening, organizations have seen a precipitious drop in volunteers. Whether it be for a couple of hours in the morning, afternoon, or evening, if you can please do. This is going to be a months long endeavor. The further away we get from when Katrina hit the coast, and less attention the media pays to the disaster, the easier it is going to be for us to go back to our routines and gradually forget about the evacuees. But the evacuees- and their needs- will still be there. Please think of adding a chunk of time to volunteer to your normal routine.