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Thursday, September 29, 2005

... And No Blackout

NFL says... no black out:

NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue announced today that the league's TV blackout policy will not apply to any of the three New Orleans Saints games scheduled for the Alamodome this season.

Tagliabue's decision means Sunday's game between the Saints and the Buffalo Bills - the first regular-season game ever held in San Antonio - will be televised locally by CBS affiliate KENS 5. Kickoff is scheduled for noon.

Tagliabue said the other two Saints games in San Antonio - Oct. 16 against Atlanta and Dec. 24 against Detroit - will be made available to KENS 5 for optional use by the station.

Good job. Oh and total ticket sales are at 140,000 in three weeks. If you'd like to go, there are still 10,000 seats left for Sunday's game. It's also good to know that Tags is allowing KENS-TV, SA's CBS affiliate, to carry the other two games if they choose, since KABB-TV, SA's Fox affiliate, is screwing the pooch by carrying the Cowboys. Now we just need KENS to step up and say yes.